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It Costs $10K More Annually To Treat People With Diabetes, Insurers Say

DiabetesIncreased diagnosis for first time insured individuals combined with convenience drug treatments are noted for a spike in costs around diabetes. At the same time, everyone agrees preventing complications is the real lever to reducing overall health care costs. The challenge continues: Insurance plans are renewed annually, yet the overall cost reduction is longer term. Is there an option to shift insurance plans from a 12 month cycle?. Read The Story.

Wave of consolidation engulfing health care systems

news sentinelRoughly a dozen mergers have taken place among health systems in Wisconsin in the past two years. Some have involved small rural hospitals, others large health systems.The mergers all have one thing in common: They were driven at least partly by the changes taking hold in health care. Read the Article

The Biggest U.S. Health Care Challenges Are Management Challenges

hbr business challengeFindings indicate it is not competition but internal change management as the largest hurdle as healthcare shifts from volume based to value based health care. From our point of view, It is not just strong leadership to steer the ship but also timely incentives. Proving value takes time, while volume rewards are fast. Read the story

Next Generation ACO

accountable_care_organizationCMS’s Next Generation ACO’s – “allows participants to take on more financial risk with more predictable financial targets and the potential to obtain a greater reward.” – and continues to keep the focus on quality of care over quantity of care. Read the article

Year 1 of Bundled Payments Results showing some promise

Payors-and-ProvidersInitial Results are in on CMS Bundled Payments Year 1. Lower lengths of stay. Reduced utilization of skilled nursing facilities substituted for home health, all resulting in for overall cost of care. Both ER and readmissions rose initially, and then fell to the baseline rates. Read the article