Our Approach

We begin with the end-to-end delivery in mind.

We combine STRATEGY and EXECUTION for an end-to-end approach.

Our guiding principle is to keep it simple. We deliver workable recommendations for ease of execution. Most importantly, we will never overwhelm you with a deliverable that is too complex to implement.

  • We begin with the end in mind –We start each project with a manageable scope of work in order to move fast and build out over time. We devise a measurement strategy up front so that it is clear what metrics will gauge success.
  • We anticipate your concerns – Our goal is to minimize disruption to your operations, nor negatively impact patients and members.
  • We take a vested interest – We are passionate about health care and our clients success. Each consultant has run or owned a complex business and thrive in helping client’s transform or build their own.
  • Delivery is our foundation– Our reputation and business is built on successful execution. We have a track record of client satisfaction based on our ability to deliver value.
  • We provide our clients with sustainable solutions– We ensure our clients are able to maintain the momentum as our work is completed. We take a collaborative approach to help mentor, coach and train client staff as we deliver. This includes play-books, transition plans, hand-off follow up, and other teach, guide and go methodologies.

“Well Solutions Group is the only firm that has delivered high caliber talent against tight timelines. Their level of collaboration and expertise is unmatched.

Susan Hames



Reap the benefits from our proven methodology.


Enjoy an end-to-end approach to healthcare transformation.


Establish Strategy
  • Define the opportunity
    • Many projects miss the mark by rushing into execution. Although some steps can be done in parallel, defining and understanding the opportunity is the key to success.
  • Apply industry knowledge and insights to maximize potential
    • Traditional consultants do not have the experience to help set strategy
    • Market Research as appropriate
  • Seek to understand the existing capabilities and delineate future capability requirements and priorities
Detailed Planning
  • Current state documentation with rapid iteration & proven techniques
  • Immersion and evolution of client’s objectives and future state vision
  • Develop future state roadmap into actionable steps and consumable phases
  • Determine success with innovative approaches to measures
  • Deliver success through transparency, solid relationships and leadership
  • Manage to the roadmap with engaging and productive approach
  • Experience and Flexibility to navigate a fluid environment
    • Problem Solving/Adaptation
  • Detailed implementation planning
  • Specialists in approach, instilling confidence and clear delivery path
  • Comprehensive “war room” support
  • Expertise with humility to collaborate and build off our client’s approach
Monitor & Improve
  • Playbook for repeatable process
  • Financial and operational reporting
  • Data analysis and change recommendation
  • Next phase strategic input

Leverage our Industry Sector Experience